Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out and About

I decided to keep Brynn home from pre-school today and spend the day doing fun things with her instead.  We started our day at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  It was a really quiet morning there, which was great, because she could run around and explore without crashing into everyone.  And when I say run, I mean run!  This child does not know the meaning of the word walk.  It's no wonder she gains weight so slowly!!!  Anyways, the museum was nice.  She's been a few times before, but hadn't really gotten up the courage to really explore and try out new things.  Today, she stood on the earthquake simulator, rode on the submarine (which simulates going under Lake Ontario), and dug for fossils. 

Digging for fossils

Don't you just love the look?


After lunch, we made a quick stop at Nazareth to pay a surprise visit to Mana.  Brynn loves to visit her at work and draw pictures at her desk. 
Finally, it was off to lunch at Bill Gray's.  I love their cheeseburgers, and they have a mac & cheese kid's meal, so it's a win for both of us! 

I love being able to spend extra time with my favorite girl! 

On a side note, this makes 2 days in a row I've posted....off to a good start for the Ultimate Blog Challenge!  Let's see if I can keep this up for the entire month!  Also, doing something fun with Brynn was on my list of goals for my week off.  I try to do fun things with her every day, but for the week, I wanted to spend the day with her doing things we don't normally have time to do.  One thing checked off my list of goals!  I attempted to scrapbook yesterday afternoon, but I took one look at my craft room and decided it needed an overhaul, so instead of actually getting pages done, I cleaned and did some organizing instead.  Hopefully now I'll be able to find things a little easier and actually get something accomplished! 

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  1. Roland missed you at the RMSC...
    Hey, Tasha, do you remember taking Trey on the simulator for the first time with Jody and me?J i was so scared for him.

    love that you had quality time with B today :)

    1. I do remember taking him there, Amy! Always had a good time on outings with you and Trey!

    2. How is Jody, by the way? Do you keep in touch with her? She was always one of my favorite therapists to work with, she was great with all the kids!