Tuesday, June 26, 2012

31 Things #1-Jewelry

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but my opal necklace is one of my favorite pieces.  I wear it almost every day.  It's one of the few pieces that I own that goes with any outfit, whether I'm dressed up or in jeans.  At work, we are advised against wearing a lot of jewelry; there are times that behaviors occur, and jewelry, especially necklaces and hoop earrings, are the easiest to be grabbed and potentially broken.  Lucky for me, I haven't had that happen, and now that I've switched buildings at work, there are fewer chances of that happening.  

There are lots of superstitions surrounding opals and their wearing, here's some of what I found....

White Opals are unlucky unless worn by someone born in October or with diamonds. *Very unlucky in an engagement ring. *Will lose its shine if the owner dies. *Renders the wearer invisible. *Improves eyesight. *Will help blondes keep their hair color longer. *Will turn pale if in the presence of poison.

Wearing my opal necklace does not, to my knowledge, render me invisible, although that would be nice sometimes.  Good to know that it will help me keep my hair color longer.  And lucky for me, I was born in October, so I get to avoid the unlucky part...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

31 Things

I just finished taking an online class called 31 Things.  And by taking the class, I mean that I read the daily e-mails I received from the instructor.  The class was through Big Picture Scrapbooking,and the premise was that you would receive a daily journaling prompt, which you could pair with an appropriate photo to make a scrapbook page.  I signed up for the class with good intentions, I even took pictures related to the first few day's prompts.  Did I do anything with the pictures?  Nope.  Did I complete any of the journaling?  On paper, nope.  In my head, I started many of them.  Now my intent is to use those journaling prompts as blog posts rather than scrapbook pages.  Who knows, they may eventually become part of a scrapbook, but not anytime in the near future.  So if it seems like I'm coming up with random blog topics, that's where they're coming from.  I'm not sure if I'll get through all 31 prompts, or if I'm even going to do them in their original order.  I just know that I've really missed writing lately, and I'm hoping this will get me back into it.  Time will tell....

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today, I am officially the mother of a preschooler.  Not quite sure how I feel about that little fact.  Part of me loves seeing how grown up Brynn is, and how much she has learned, and yet there's another part of me that wants to keep her little forever. 

This morning, I left her at a new school.  Well, kind of a new school.  It's the preschool building behind her daycare.  They have two separate buildings, one that's called the Infant building, and the one she's at now, the Preschool building.  A few weeks ago, her center director pulled my aside and asked what I thought about moving Brynn to the preschool building now, as opposed to September when the rest of her class moved over.  There was going to be an opening in the preschool, and they all thought that she would be ready for the move.  There were already several kids there that had been in her class before moving, so she wouldn't be thrown in with a whole new bunch of kids.  And Miss Sandy would be her teacher.  Miss Sandy worked at Brynn's very first daycare, and she was the first one I left Brynn with when I went back to work after my maternity leave.  She has always called Brynn "Thumbelina."

I've been preparing her for the past week for the big move, and she seemed really excited about it.  She talked about it all weekend.  This morning, as we were heading to school, she was full of questions.  "Will there be kids there?"  "Will there be books and toys?"  "Will they have food for me?"  "Can I go outside?"  She was thrilled to discover a new cubby waiting for her, and was happy to see an old friend, as well as Miss Sandy.  Brynn was a little shy at first...the school-age kids were still there and she wasn't sure what to think of them...but after they left, she decided it was going to be an okay place to be.  Miss Sandy helped her wave goodbye to me at the window, and the last thing I saw was her smiling face as I headed off to work.

I still wish with all my heart that I could stay home with her, but it's a very comforting feeling knowing that she gets to spend her days in a place she loves and with people who adore her!