Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge-Country Girl

I am totally and completely a country girl at heart!  I may live in a neighborhood in the suburbs now, but I dream of living in an old farmhouse on several acres of land.  I grew up in the middle of nowhere, with grandparents who ran a dairy farm.  There were cows, horses, and, when I was younger, an old collie named Laddie.  I loved spending time there, climbing in the haylofts, riding on the tractors, feeding the cows and horses, and walking through the fields. 

Most of my family still lives in the small town I grew up in.  My grandmother has since sold the farm to my uncle, who ran it as a dairy farm for a number of years, before selling the cows several years ago, as being a dairy farmer in NY isn't profitable anymore.  Both my grandmother and my uncle still live on the property, so I still get to visit my old stomping grounds.  And no matter how long I live in the city, that tiny town will always be home!


  1. I'm a country girl too! Great topic for C!

  2. City girl here, but one who now prefers the country. My dad grew up on a farm and I spent happy times in the wilds as a kid, so I guess I'm both town and country mouse :)

    1. I like the convenience of having everything close in the city but prefer the quiet of the country.

  3. it's always nice to go back home where you began.
    I am enjoying your blog- have a great day.