Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Ten

Ok, so I'll admit that I stole this cute little picture and idea from another blogger, but with her permission.  And I'll admit to being a "list-maker."  Always have been, most likely always will be.  I find it extremely satisfying to cross things off a list as I complete them, and it helps to keep an otherwise unorganized person at least slightly organized. 

I meant to post this yesterday, to start on Sunday, but I think that I'll post on Mondays instead.  So here first Weekly Ten!

1.  Order pictures from Shutterfly.    Monday

2.  Sort and organize my scrapbook room.    Wednesday

3.  Use my new steam mop.    Wednesday

4.  Get the Christmas decorations put away.    Wednesday

5.  Frame the cross stitch gifts I've completed.

6.  Put together and mail a package to Kim in Virginia.

7.  Sort out Brynn's books and toys, get rid of things she doesn't play with anymore.

8.  Clean the refrigerator.    Monday

9.  Mail birthday cards to Mom and Gramma.

10.  Sign up for a creative class for 2014.    Tuesday

1 comment:

  1. Great list, Tasha! I like this idea. (Number 8 is on my list for this week, too, lol!) Let us know how you do!