Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farewell, my friend

It was just last week that D rolled into my office, crashing into the doorframe on the way, with a piece of paper on his lap.  “What’s that,” I had asked him.  His quick response…”It’s a picture of you.”  He held up the piece of paper, and this was the picture. 

That’s the kind of quick wit and humor that made D so lovable.  From the first day I met him in 2009, we had an instant connection.  Might have been the fact that we were both sarcastic and understood each other’s sense of humor.  Might have been the fact that he was always in a good mood and could always make people smile.  Whatever it was, right or wrong, he was one of my favorite people to work with.  When I was working at my first jobsite, he would drive himself (in his power wheelchair) into my office every morning and ask me when I was going to start working.  Never mind that I had been there since 7am and usually had 3 things going at the same time.  And every day, he would ask about my daughter, how she was doing, what new things she was doing, if I had any new pictures of her, and when I was going to bring her to visit.  I spent countless hours working with him in the small store in that building, helping him make change and wait on customers.  It was during those times that we had some of our best conversations. 
I transferred to a new jobsite in April, and D shortly followed me to that new site.  Ok, so he wasn’t really following me, but he was there due to some medical issues and some decline in physical abilities.  But he was the same old D, quite-witted, funny, and constantly harassing me.  His passing was unexpected and quite a shock, and I think it will take a while for the reality to set in.  I already miss him visiting my office, whacking me as I pass by, and telling me to get to work.  However, I am blessed to have gotten to know him and will never forget his smiling face.  Rest in peace, D, and know that you will be missed!

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